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Weight Loss

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Weight Loss

Does Tirzepatide Work for Weight Loss?

Tirzepatide is the latest game changer when it comes to medications for weightloss. Learn more about Tirzepatide and its benefits.

Healthy Body Weight

5 Hormones and how they affect your weight

Hormone balancing can reduce hunger, control cravings, elevate energy and boost metabolism.Several hormones that can prohibit weight loss when...

Healthy Tips

6 Steps to a Healthier You

Six simple steps anyone can take to enhance well-being, according to doctors from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA.)


Benefits of BCAA supplementation

Benefits of BCAA (branched chain amino acids) supplementation benefits include increased lean muscle mass, lower body fat and decreased fatigue.


Success Story: Rodney Bailey

As an ex-NFL player and Super Bowl Champion, Rodney Bailey shares his story of mental and physical transformation since retiring in 2008. 


Lipotropic Injections: What is Lipo-B?

Lipotropic injections contain several powerful nutrients, amino acids, and vitamins to help boost weight loss and improve overall health.

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