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Benefits of BCAA supplementation

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Eating Certain Fruits, Veggies May Help a Bit With Weight Control

Study found those who ate apples, pears, berries, peppers had better weight management in long run

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Weight loss success stories- featured client testimonial

Cheena is a TeleWellnessMD client, who shares her inspiring journey to wellness and 20 pound weightloss success story.

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What your body type means — endomorph, mesomorph and ectomorph

What does your body type mean and what does it say about your health?  Let's examine the characteristics and health indicators of the three basic human body types: the endomorph (round/soft) the mesomorph (athletic/muscular) and the ectomorph (slim/petite).  

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5 Hormones and how they affect your weight

When you daydream about food or grab a snack you really don’t need, your hormones are most likely the culprit. Hormone imbalances can affect your weight.

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