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Amino Acid Injections: Benefits and How to Buy Online

Supplementing amino acids has many health benefits. Learn more about amino acid injections and why they are more effective than tablets or pills.

Amino acids serve as the fundamental building blocks of all the tissues in the body. Supplementing amino acids has been shown to have many health benefits including boosting athletic performance, improving sleep and supporting weight loss.  What are amino acid injections and what is the difference between supplementing with injections over tablets or pills?

Health Benefits of Amino Acid Injections

Improving body fat composition and building lean muscle are difficult even for the most dedicated gym-goers. There are only so many calories the body can burn on its own, meaning results from exercise can take more time than many individuals are willing to wait. Slow progress is disheartening and can result in backsliding or outright giving up on fitness goals. 

Thankfully, there are ways to improve your performance in the gym as well as expedite your results. Tri-Amino OAC injections can be prescribed to help promote physical strength and endurance. They also provide a number of other useful benefits to improve overall health and fitness levels. 

What are Tri-Amino OAC Injections?

Tri-Amino OAC injections are made up of three amino acids: ornithine, arginine, and citrulline. These amino acids help break down proteins and ammonia in the body. During exercise, your body breaks down proteins to provide energy to muscles. However, it also produces more ammonia than usual, which is toxic to the body.  Ammonia also causes muscle fatigue, which affects how long you can exercise. 

During exercise, the rate of ammonia buffering can’t keep up with how much ammonia the body produces. The end result is your muscles tire and you have to stop working out sooner than you’d like. Tri-Amino OAC injections can help remove the excess ammonia to improve endurance exercise performance.

Understanding Amino Acids

The amino acids in Tri-Amino OAC injections serve several functions that assist with exercise and physical fitness goals. 

  • Ornithine. All three of these amino acids are involved in the urea cycle. Ornithine supplementation helps reduce elevated levels of ammonia. This mechanism is a known ergogenic, meaning it enhances physical performance, endurance, and recovery. This amino acid stimulates growth hormone production as well, further progressing fitness goals. Ornithine is also effective in reducing fatigue and has anecdotal evidence in reducing the symptoms of hangovers following alcohol consumption. 
  • Arginine. In addition to contributing to the urea cycle, this amino acid is a nitric oxide booster. This improves the delivery of nutrients and oxygen to muscles, which is critical for muscle performance in the gym. Improved nitric oxide levels allow your body to work harder for longer and recover faster. 
  • Citrulline. This amino acid helps produce more of the above two, which improves their benefits. Like the above amino acids, citrulline enhances the ammonia recycling process. It is also an effective nitric oxide booster. This amino acid is effective at fighting fatigue thereby improving endurance exercise. It does so by enhancing adenosine triphosphate (ATP) production, which is your body’s primary source of energy. 

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What are the Health Benefits of Tri-Amino OAC Injections?

Tri-Amino OAC injections can improve exercise performance, endurance, and recovery. However, these injections provide numerous additional benefits. These include:

  • Lowering blood pressure
  • Improving erectile function and overall cardio health
  • Enhancing vasodilation (widening blood vessels)
  • Enhancing wound healing
  • Improving overall kidney health
  • Increasing nitric oxide production
  • Acting as an antioxidant
  • Reducing lactate and ammonia as the result of exercise
  • Improving protein synthesis
  • Increasing the production of growth hormone

Ammonia detoxification and nitric oxide production are by and large the two greatest benefits in regards to improving physical fitness. 

Ammonia Detoxification

The urea cycle is a vital process that removes nitrogenous waste like ammonia from the body by converting it into urea. Excessive ammonia levels lead to fatigue and can even cause damage to tissues and organs. During exercise, the urea cycle can’t keep up with ammonia production, which causes athletes to tire out quickly. Supplementing with amino acids helps balance this to get the energy production cycle back on track.

Nitric Oxide Production

Nitric oxide’s primary function is to increase blood flow in the body. This is how muscles receive nutrients and oxygen to allow them to perform more work for longer. It also helps muscles recover faster meaning better results in the gym on a shorter timeline. 

Tri-Amino OAC Injections Dosage

Each dose of Tri-Amino OAC contains an optimal blend of amino acids to deliver the best results possible. Per ml, each injection includes:

  • Ornithine 100mg
  • Arginine 100mg
  • Citrulline 100mg

How to Buy Tri-Amino OAC Injections Online

Receiving these amino acids via direct injection provides better, more reliable benefits than taking oral supplements. This is due to the amino acids hitting the bloodstream directly rather than via digestion, which can inhibit the process. 

Purchasing Tri-Amino OAC injections online requires a wellness consultation first. This process is simple and convenient as it takes place over the phone. The consultation is quick and provides you an opportunity to discuss your concerns and fitness goals. Learn more about how to buy vitamin injections online here.

If you are tired of struggling with sore muscles and disappointing gains in the gym, Tri-Amino OAC injections are a good option for you. Find out more about the health benefits of Tri-Amino OAC injections and schedule your wellness consultation today!


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