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Benefits of BCAA supplementation

Benefits of BCAA (branched chain amino acids) supplementation benefits include increased lean muscle mass, lower body fat and decreased fatigue.


Success Story: Rodney Bailey

As an ex-NFL player and Super Bowl Champion, Rodney Bailey shares his story of mental and physical transformation since retiring in 2008. 

Men's Health

Success Story: James Brown

James Brown has aspired to be the healthiest he could be - mentally and physically. At 54 years young, James finally feels like he's reached that...

Peptide Therapy

Health Benefits of BPC 157 and How to Buy

BPC 157 injections can help combat inflammation, support muscle repair and wound healing and more. Here's how to buy BPC 157 injections online.

Peptide Therapy

Peptide Therapy - What is IGF 1?

IGF 1 maintains muscle, connective tissues, brain and heart cells so it is widely used in anti-aging and athletic training protocols.


7 Components of good health

Living a well-balanced lifestyle can manage and even eliminate illness and disease.

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