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Success Story: James Brown

James Brown has aspired to be the healthiest he could be - mentally and physically. At 54 years young, James finally feels like he's reached that goal.

For many years, James Brown has aspired to be the healthiest he could be - mentally and physically.  At 54 years young, James finally feels like he's reached that goal.  Read below about James' story, his wellness regimen, and Dr. Brent Agin's (TeleWellnessMD® founder and CEO) response.

My Success and the Regimen That Got Me There

By James Brown

My name is James Brown and for many years I have been on a quest for the healthiest mind, body, and soul to prove that aging is a decision and not a number.  In the distant past, I was over weight and had bad lifestyle habits that made my body feel like it was falling apart.  I was out of shape, abusing alcohol, and could not break this cycle all the while I watching my body slowly break down.  Since 1993, I have undergone 18 surgeries including: thyroid, shoulders, hips, knee, neck, back, and elbows.  Having the added weight made exercise and moving around even more difficult.  I was in dire need of a lifestyle change.

I am now 54 years old, but my wellness journey started seven years ago when a close friend introduced me to the Carb Revolution® program just before my second hip replacement.  The first hip surgery in 2012 took a whole year to recover due to my poor health decisions.  I then spent two years attempting to adjust my lifestyle, but was never completely committed.  I saw some results, but I knew with some guidance, I could get better results that both my mind and body needed.  After consulting with a wellness doctor, I started the Carb Revolution® eating strategy, tweaked my exercise and training program, and (after some convincing) switched my social drug of choice from alcohol to medically prescribed cannabis.


It's amazing that after the previous hip surgery in 2012, I was laid up for a year, but after another hip surgery in 2014  I was able to ride my bike 10 miles only two days after the surgery, this was because I had started on a healthy living program.  Needless to say, I have never looked back.  I am living proof that with determination, discipline, and the right guidance, anyone can achieve what they want out of themselves both mentally and physically.

I am a firm believer in the Carb Revolution® and TeleWellnessMD's wellness-focused prescription therapies.  I thank them for my life-changing and life-appreciating transition.  My success as well as this chapter in my life has allowed me to join the Trim Nutrition team so I can share my story and success with as many people as will listen.

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A response from Dr. Agin:

Mr. Brown's results are truly amazing and I have enjoyed working with him on his wellness journey.  It is important to understand the duration of his journey to wellness and the patience and discipline that it takes to bring the body back to balance.  You must have faith in the science and understanding that lifestyle is a marathon and not a sprint.  Figuring out your body starts and finishes with lifestyle, which takes time to develop depending on what you are trying to achieve, because not everyone has the same goals for their physiques.  Focus on solidifying your healthy lifestyle and support it with other science-backed hormones and nutritional supplements.  For example, the Carb Revolution® program is an eating strategy not a diet, which is the necessary component that every person needs to have in place for success.  The goal should be to feel the best mentally and physically, no matter how you visualize your physique.  As with many things in life, there may be personal and financial investments that need to be made to be successful.  Always remember, if you think wellness is expensive, try illness.  Lifestyle is free, so the harder you work on developing your regimen, the less expensive it can get and there is no price for health and happiness.

In Good Health,

Brent Agin, MD


James Brown's Wellness Regimen

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