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Preliminary Evidence Shows Glutathione Could Help in Treating COVID-19

With the continuously increasing amount of COVID-19 cases, the public is anxiously awaiting news of a cure or treatment. While there is currently no definitive treatment, preliminary evidence suggests that Glutathione could be helpful in treating patients with COVID-19. Source.

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How to Refill Your Prescription at

Simple steps to easily order and refill your vitamin injection or peptide therapy prescription online using the TeleWellnessMD platform.

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Subscribe and Save - VIP Mobile Club

The TeleWellnessMD VIP Mobile Club is an SMS text alert program that sends customer service and exclusive promotional text messages to TeleWellnessMD clients who’ve opted in as mobile subscribers.

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How to schedule your Wellness Consultation step-by-step

It's simple to schedule a Wellness Consultation, but here are step-by-step instructions and screenshots just in case you need a little help.

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Wellness Consultation: What is it and why do you need one?

Find out the difference between wellness health care and traditional medicine; learn what a Wellness Consultation is and why you would need one; and understand the meaning of telehealth, telemedicine and telewellness.

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