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Weight loss success stories- featured client testimonial

Cheena is a TeleWellnessMD client, who shares her inspiring journey to wellness and 20 pound weightloss success story.

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8 Delicious, healthy protein shake recipes

Try one of these healthy protein shake recipes, all under 200 calories! 

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11 Superfoods for Stress Relief

With lots to do and little time, stress eating and unhealthy snack choices are a pitfall we all must try to avoid.  Some superfoods may actually help reduce stress and tension, stabilize blood sugar and emotional response.  Take note of our picks for top 11 superfoods for stress relief.  Stock up on these superfoods to help you relax and rejuvenate!

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Stress eating—causes, effects and solutions

Why do our bodies signal us to eat in times of stress? Stress eating is common when facing difficult problems or even if you’re just feeling bored!  Emotional eating can really sabotage your weight management efforts.  Let’s explore what internal factors contribute to stress eating, including the role of cortisol and ghrelin in stress and hunger, and what you can do to take control of your eating habits and stay on track with your weight management goals.

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Disease fighting foods

Stock up on these disease fighting foods to help battle arthritis, heart disease, diabetes, obesity and cancer!

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Going green—best superfoods green veggies

When you eat a superfoods diet rich in vegetables, you give your body what it needs to control blood pressure, control your weight, keep your brain healthy, and even prevent cancer.

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Superfood Salads-4 Tips and 4 Recipes

Salads are perfect for introducing superfoods into your lifestyle.  Superfood your salad with these 4 tips for making delicious and healthy salads along with 4 of our favorite superfood salad recipes!

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Eat Healthy on the Go-17 Tips

Eating on the go can be healthy.  Today, smart food choices are everywhere!  Here are some of our top tips to eat healthy on the go!

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14 Healthy habits

Your wellness, weight loss and fitness goals are more likely to be achieved when you develop healthier habits.  We’ve created this simple list of 14 healthy habit ideas for you to try!

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15 Best foods for heart health

In a nutshell, avoiding unhealthy foods, and eating a diet rich in nutrients, fiber, and healthy fats will improve your overall heart health and lower your risk of heart attack.

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