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Success Story: John's Carb Revolution Journey

Male patient, John, 55 years old struggling with getting his last bit of weight off until he found the Carb Revolution. He tells us about his weight loss journey.


I am very excited to share my success using TeleWellnessMD®’s Carb Revolution Program. If it wasn’t for the guidance of TWMD and Dr. Brent Agin, I would not be sharing what I believe to be an amazing transformation. I am also going to provide you with some helpful tips, so you do not make the same mistakes I made when you are on your own journey.

For many months I was exercising and intermittent fasting while taking HCG and the peptide CJC/Ipamorelin. I was seeing slow gains, feeling better, and gaining more confidence. However, I was only following the eating program about 60-70% of the time. I was working out and trying to do the fasting but was not doing it all the time nor eating the right foods. I started to get impatient, so I decided I needed to make some changes.

First of all…DIET IS EVERYTHING! My real changes started when I finally followed the Carb Revolution Program the way it was intended to be done. After this single commitment to change my diet, everything else started to make sense. 

I now understand that years of eating certain foods at certain times and carrying extra body fat causes several changes in the body that take time to re-balance. Now that I have reached this spot with my eating, maintenance is so easy. 

TRUST THE PROCESS! This is something anyone can do, but you cannot get this result without fixing how you eat.


-John M., 55



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