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Success Story: Shelley R.

Shelley shares her success story with the Carb Revolution, HRT and peptide therapy, as well as some tips that helped her on her journey.

After feeling stuck in life with no real plan on how to change things and gaining 30 pounds during Covid to reach my all-time high weight, I took the advice of Dr. Brent Agin and started the Carb Revolution® program, along with hormone replacement therapy, and a weight loss peptide. 

I would like to share some tips that made all the difference in my journey. 

#1 – Do it for yourself; you are worth it. 

#2 – Do not use the scales as a daily or even weekly measurement.  It’s important to learn how your body feels, not what the scales say.  If you follow the process, you will notice your body changing when you look in the mirror or by the way your clothes fit (or don’t fit anymore). 

#3 – Follow intermittent fasting as if your life depended on it.  This is a great tool for weight loss, weight management, general health and wellness, and will most certainly change your perception of how much food you actually need each day. 

#4 – Journal your food log if you are not losing weight, because you are most likely consuming more calories than you think.

#5 – Work with someone to help you understand your protein goals.  Getting the right amount of protein is key to losing weight.

#6 – Do not take a weight loss supplement just to lose weight.  If you take one, use it to retrain your brain on how you eat, how much you eat, what types of food you eat, and the patterns of when you eat.  This is the key to keeping your weight off after you have lost your weight.

#7 – Include weight training in your journey.  There is nothing wrong with cardio, but muscle mass is critical to good health, longevity, and weight management.

#8 – Take your time and enjoy the journey.  Enjoy the small wins every day.  Give yourself time to make mistakes and keep moving towards your goal.  This is not a race, it’s a lifestyle.

#9 – Surround yourself with people and affirmations that move you towards your goal. 


My favorite quote or mantra has been, “If you don’t sacrifice for what you want, what you want will be your sacrifice.”

-Shelley R., 53



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