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Success Story: Lydia R.

Lydia lost over 40lbs with the help of GLP-1s, here's her story.

These GLP-1 injections have been my salvation. I am barely 5 feet tall and little by little I became 165lb., obese, short woman.

Physically, I would feel exhausted just walking a mile. I would feel like I couldn’t breathe while I was sitting and I couldn't sleep well at night.

Emotionally, I started being sad and didn’t want to socialize, I was disappointed at myself for not being able to be at my ideal weight and became very depressed.

From the time I began with the shots, the weight started to go down and I went from 165 to 118. My clothes fit better and my whole outlook at life became happier and brighter. I became more active, healthy and a lot more sociable and happy.

lydia before and after

- Lydia R.

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