Preliminary Evidence Shows Glutathione Could Help in Treating COVID-19

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With the continuously increasing amount of COVID-19 cases, the public is anxiously awaiting news of a cure or treatment. While there is currently no definitive treatment, preliminary evidence suggests that Glutathione could be helpful in treating patients with COVID-19. Source.

In at least 2 separate cases of COVID-19, patients who were given Glutathione saw their conditions improve drastically. Specifically, once given an appropriate dosage of Glutathione, breathing became easier for both patients, and after continued use, they had no relapse of difficulty breathing.

The first patient that was treated with Glutathione experienced an almost immediate, miraculous recovery. Within an hour of being given Glutathione, her breathing improved dramatically. Over the course of 5 days, she continued to be treated with Glutathione, seeing continued improvement with her breathing each day. She has not experienced any COVID-19 related breathing difficulties since. Even more, after taking Glutathione, all of her symptoms seemed to disappear almost immediately.

The second patient did not see the same immediate results from Glutathione, but he did see continued improvement each day. While his shortness of breath resolved completely with continued use of Glutathione, his other symptoms, including body aches, headaches, cough, and night sweats improved slightly but did not completely disappear.

Glutathione is primarily intracellular, meaning it appears inside of the cells, except when in the lungs. When in the lungs, Glutathione appears as extracellular fluid in extremely high concentrations and is responsible for neutralizing reactive oxygen species from any toxic substances that we may take in while breathing. It also prevents or breaks disulfide bonds that would cause mucus to clump together, and instead makes the mucous fluid, by combining with nitric oxide to make Nitrosoglutatione. 

Remember, always consult your doctor before starting any treatment or preventative measures of COVID-19. If you believe you may have COVID-19, seek the help of a professional medical physician immediately. You can schedule a telehealth Wellness Consultation with TeleWellnessMD here.

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