How to schedule your Wellness Consultation step-by-step


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It's simple to schedule a Wellness Consultation, but here are step-by-step instructions and screenshots just in case you need a little help.

What is a Wellness Consultation?

In case you're wondering, an annual Wellness Consultation is required to obtain a prescription for all injection therapies and some oral therapies.  It is similar to a visit with a doctor in their office, except it takes place virtually or over the phone.  During your Wellness Consultation, a TeleWellnessMD provider will review your health history and wellness goals to make appropriate program recommendations and prescribe wellness therapies. 

How much does it cost? 

The fee is $49.95, but there are often special offers and promotions with discounted pricing available.

How to schedule 

1. Click to access the New Patient Form and either log in or register a new account. 

Schedule a Wellness Consultation


2. Once you are logged in, fill out the New Patient form and click "submit."



3. Review the information and once it is accurate, click "continue to schedule."  Using the calendar, select a date and time* for your Wellness Consultation and click "Book now."  You will be contacted by a TeleWellnessMD provider within 4 hours of the time you select.


4. In the lower, right corner, click "Checkout."


5. If you have a coupon code, at the top of the page, hit "click here to enter your code" and enter your code.  Then click "apply coupon."


6. Fill in your contact information in the billing section, review the terms and conditions, and click "place order."


You will receive a confirmation email with all the details.  Once your Wellness Consultation is complete, you will receive an e-prescription that can be filled conveniently through the online portal at

Ready to get started?  Schedule your Wellness Consultation today!

Schedule a Wellness Consultation

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